Slow Internet Blues

My internet connection has been non-existent or extremely slow for just over 24 hours now. When one is as addicted to the internet as I am, this is not a good situation. Imagine not being able to post a facebook status for hours at a time...oh the horror! :-)

Poor Nicole, who takes after her mother in so many ways (*sigh*) has also been feeling the effects of this. When you want to play with games that take a few minutes to load on a regular day (we have a rural wireless connection, folks - it's not dial-up, but it's not exactly lightning fast either) you get very frustrated with waiting 15 minutes just to get to your Dora the Explorer game.

Ah well, I'm sure our internet service provider is doing all they can to correct the situation - leastaways that's what they've been telling me via their automated system for the last 24 hours.

Anywho - check out my latest blog over at The Root Cause - It's longer and it's more interesting than this one, methinks. :-)


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