Reorganizing Priorities

Recently I had fallen into a routine around here that included spending most of the day on the computer rather than with my beautiful little girl. She was spending a lot of her time in front of the ultimate electronic babysitter the television. Ugh...

Quite a few events of the last few days have brought home the point that this could not go on. We have to have time together. No more day-long facebook marathons. No more repeated Google searches on inane subjects. The priority around here for all of us will be to spend much more time together as a family. Joe and I need "us" time, Nicole and I need our time together and Joe and Nicole need their daddy-daughter time. Starting today Nicole's TV time is restricted and our together time was greatly increased. What better way could there be to spend my time than with this gorgeous and darling little beauty who has so much to teach me still?

I am so thankful that our gracious God brought this point home to me in so many powerful ways the last few days. I pray that I will not lose sight of it any time soon!

Adoption Update

Joe and I are going today to sign and have notarized the final petition before the court for Joe's adoption of Nicole. Once we have sent this petition in, we will be scheduled for an in-home visit by a social worker and we will then be served notice of our final hearing date. According to the information I have from the lady we are dealing with at the County Attorney's office, the final hearing is basically a formality once everything else is done. So, potentially the adoption could be final by the end of March. We plan to have a little party for her then in recognition of the momentus day! As soon as we know more information we will share it with all of you who are sharing this exciting journey with us. :-)

Slow Internet Blues

My internet connection has been non-existent or extremely slow for just over 24 hours now. When one is as addicted to the internet as I am, this is not a good situation. Imagine not being able to post a facebook status for hours at a time...oh the horror! :-)

Poor Nicole, who takes after her mother in so many ways (*sigh*) has also been feeling the effects of this. When you want to play with games that take a few minutes to load on a regular day (we have a rural wireless connection, folks - it's not dial-up, but it's not exactly lightning fast either) you get very frustrated with waiting 15 minutes just to get to your Dora the Explorer game.

Ah well, I'm sure our internet service provider is doing all they can to correct the situation - leastaways that's what they've been telling me via their automated system for the last 24 hours.

Anywho - check out my latest blog over at The Root Cause - It's longer and it's more interesting than this one, methinks. :-)