The Simple Things

Today was a good day. Nicole woke up at 3:30 as Joe was leaving for work and she was so full of energy that there was no getting her back down. After about a two hour struggle I think she finally dozed off around 5:30 and then she and I slept until 8:30. When we finally got out of bed, I had several phone calls to make, some business to attend to and housework to do before Nicole and I did some "school work." Shortly after 12 as I was making lunch, Nicole came in and was so cute and so happy and bubbly I thought my heart might burst. I watched her and couldn't believe that her head is now taller than the kitchen counter and that she speaks in full sentences with such a great vocabulary. It seems like just yesterday that she was rolling around on the floor making gurgling sounds and now she is such a little person! I just had to take a picture right then and there to remember the moment.
Shortly after nap time, Joe arrived home and we enjoyed our daily afternoon ritual of playing tickle and cuddle on Mom and Dad's bed. Joe made another comment about how big Nicole is getting when he tried to pick her up (she weighed in at 49 lbs. the other day at the doctor's) and recalled how he used to just pick her up with one hand and now it is hard to pick her up with two! We made dinner together and cleared the table, then enjoyed conversation together over our taco bowls. After dinner we played a game of Uno Spin. Nicole is just learning how to play, so she plays with her cards face up. She likes that she can match the colors and symbols all by herself to figure out which one to play. After the game, Joe and I brought out a box of puzzles he got for his birthday and started a 500 piece.

It is just so wonderful to spend time with my family and to enjoy them. I am so glad that we spend time doing things together. God is good and we are blessed!


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