Lots to do in the New Year

2008 was a full year and 2009 looks like it will be the same. As our family and friends know, we are expecting the newest addition to the Schulte family in May. And before then Joe's adoption of Nicole should be final, so by mid-'09 we will have an official Schulte family of four!

During the last part of 2008 I began working for a small masonry company three days as the bookkeeper. Shortly after I started, the office manager moved on to pursue other opportunities and I took over the position of managing the office. To make a very long story short, the company that I worked for was a partnership that dissolved a few months later. The partner for whom I worked directly has done all in his power to resolve the issues honestly and fairly, but the other partner continues to do things in a very underhanded way and refuses to work toward an amicable and easy resolution. My boss is attempting to start a company on his own, but the banking crisis and lack of funding for new building projects in our area is making that a hard thing to do. I continue to help him out here and there with various things he needs done, but for now I am home mostly full time. I plan to use this time at home in much the same way I used it last summer - writing, writing and more writing. Also, based on a recent idea of my mother's we are working on a new business idea that we hope to turn into a business venture. I'll be devoting quite a bit of time to that as well.

Besides writing and working on business ventures, I of course spend quite a bit of time during the day chasing down my crazy little three year old. She just started taking dance lessons and will have a recital in June. She loves to dance and seems to be enjoying her classes, though we've only been to two so far. She is so smart, too! She gave her Papa a lesson yesterday on how to operate the computer. She has certain games that she is allowed to play on the internet at Playhouse Disney and Nick Jr. websites. She has been playing them for quite a few months and it is amazing to me what she can do on the computer already. Besides that, she recently decoded the word Pizza on her own, so she is well on her way to becoming an early reader. She is also a regular little girl who loves to play with her dollhouse and get out in the back yard and get dirty.

I look forward to all that 2009 holds and am sure there will be more than a few surprises coming our way. I can't wait to write and share them with you all here. Don't forget I'll also be posting updates on all of my writing ventures at my blog The Root Cause - http://tonyaroot.blogspot.com.


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