Tomorrow is the big day! We have the official adoption hearing at 1:30. Nicole will be an official Schulte. We had a party Saturday with immediate family. It was a great day and celebration of this really momentous event. We are so blessed!

I've been in a sentimental mood this week - which is only to be expected what with all the special occasions in the works around here. This week we had a new neighbor over to dinner to get to know him better and we have the adoption, a final ultrasound, my wonderful long-time friend Lyn coming to visit and a neighborhood get-together to paint the home of a dear friend who is an older woman and whose house desperately needed a paint job. All of these things just serve to underscore my mood of feeling so completely blessed to be just totally surrounded by wonderful, caring people whom I love dearly. Thanks to all of you for being a part of our lives!


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