Cool Chinaberry blog post

In a follow-up to the blog that I posted the other day, here is something I recently read that brought home to me some of the points that I wrote about last.

Several moments come to mind today that strike me as good "engaged" moments with Nicole. I left Nicole with her Nana at nap time so that I could head into town and run an errand. She not only went straight into bed without arguing (yay!) but as I walked out the door, she and Nana were reading a story. (Nana told me later that Nicole went right to sleep without fussing.) Before this, Nana, Nicole and I had lunch together and then we stood outside on this gloriously beautiful spring day and threw a frisbee around for about 20 minutes. Later, when I picked her up from Nana's, she, Daddy and I got to play more frisbee at home and also catch with her baseball. Then, she helped Daddy clean out the dog's pen and to put a new air filter in the heating system. We all sat down for dinner together (a nightly tradition that is cherished at our house) and talked about our days. What a fabulous day!


What a great going-to-bed plan! And thanks so much for commenting on our Chinaberry blog We hope our blog becomes a meeting place for our Chinaberry family where you can share your experiences. So glad it resonated with you!

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